Thursday, July 5, 2012

Animation StoryBoard

I never tried anything like this before. I took a sample from a cartoon script I found online.
I got a little carried away on this thing, I spent 3 days on this but it was a fun new thing to try and do.
Maybe someone who knows about animation or storyboarding can give me some tips.

Early in the story a girl Roxy's stuffed dog toy (CFP) gets damaged. A pair of leggings a light switch and a phone team up to try and repair the toy. The scene I drew is what follows

Here is the direction from the script:

A drawer in the vestibule opens and a needle and thread hop out. They begin to stitch up CFP’s holes.

The phone pulls his string to try and make him talk. We hear a rusty, garbled groan. ‘He’s all rusted up inside!’

A toothbrush volunteers to help. He sticks his brush into CFP’s ring hole and scrapes the rust off his talking mechanism.
CFP is sparkling and clean.

The objects take him to Roxy’s and shove him back in Roxy’s room through the window. 


  1. Hi Bryan

    very nice lines! Maybe too nice!

    Stay rough and concentrate on connecting the ideas and actions.

    Tips: Maybe widen the camera on some of the shots so we can see more of what's happening

    also have the odd scene where you can see where characters are inn relationship to each other,

    like the phone - where is he relative to the dresser and pin cushion? he just seems to appear out of nowhere

    also - avoid jump cuts where a character all of a sudden reverses position - panels 9 and 10 -

    where the phone just jumps from left to right of camera


    your best friend,


    1. Thanks for your input. A teacher of mine mentioned that same thing about widening the camera. Your other suggestions all make a lot of sense as well, I'll definitely take them into consideration on my next project.

      Good luck with Cans, a little less than $3,500 a day for the next 26 and we'll be watching it.