Friday, July 6, 2012


A class that I take at SVA in NYC had us draw popeye. The teacher gave us a model sheet and instructed us to put him in different poses. I knew of Popeye before this ofcourse but I never drew him before. I now appreciate what a cool character he is and how well he's designed.
This pic was a lot of fun..

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Animation StoryBoard

I never tried anything like this before. I took a sample from a cartoon script I found online.
I got a little carried away on this thing, I spent 3 days on this but it was a fun new thing to try and do.
Maybe someone who knows about animation or storyboarding can give me some tips.

Early in the story a girl Roxy's stuffed dog toy (CFP) gets damaged. A pair of leggings a light switch and a phone team up to try and repair the toy. The scene I drew is what follows

Here is the direction from the script:

A drawer in the vestibule opens and a needle and thread hop out. They begin to stitch up CFP’s holes.

The phone pulls his string to try and make him talk. We hear a rusty, garbled groan. ‘He’s all rusted up inside!’

A toothbrush volunteers to help. He sticks his brush into CFP’s ring hole and scrapes the rust off his talking mechanism.
CFP is sparkling and clean.

The objects take him to Roxy’s and shove him back in Roxy’s room through the window.